The usage of waste recycling plants is increasing day by day, thanks to awareness programs out there. The egg carton machine for sale from Beston Machinery is one such plant that is gaining popularity among businesses of all levels. Even people who’re not interested in this machine love this innovative recycling plant due to its Eco-friendly theme. In the past few decades, plastic egg boxes have been widely used for storing as well as transporting eggs.

However, plastic harms the environment. In order to do away with the problems originating from plastic cartons, paper cartons were used. This is where the paper egg carton machine comes into play. The machine uses waste as raw materials and produces Eco-friendly cartons for storing and transporting eggs.

Small Egg Tray Machine

Introduction to Egg Carton Machine

Beston Machinery provides three types of egg tray making machine to suit the budget of different types of investors. You can order manual, automatic, and semi-automatic machines. Obviously, the production capacity of fully automatic machine is much higher than the small egg tray machines.

However, cost is a factor that can keep most of the small businesses from investing heavily in fully automatic egg tray making machine. Such small businesses can opt for manual or semi-automatic machines. On the flip side, businesses that can invest a big sum can go for fully automatic machine and reap the benefits of large scale production.

Egg Carton Making Process

The processes involved in making egg cartons are pulping, molding, drying, and packing. Let’s discuss each of these processes minutely.

Pulping system

The first step in producing paper cartons is making pulp from agricultural waste or paper waste. In this step, an operator puts the raw materials in a hydraulic pulper. After stirring, smashing, and filtering, a refiner makes the pulp smoother and well-proportioned. Aside from this, you’ll find three pools for storing pulp as well as waste water.

Molding system

Molding of pulp is a key part of the egg tray production line. It employs air compressor, vacuum pump, pulp molding machine as well as cleaning devices. Of these tools, the vacuum pump facilitates forming, whereas the compressor transfers wet products from molds. On the other hand, the cleaning device flushes the molds quickly to remove any residues. By changing the mold, you can make egg cartons of varying shapes and sizes as per your needs and requirements.

Drying system

There are basically four different kinds of drying lines. The drying lines decide the level of automation in the production process. These are brick drying with carts, natural drying, metal drying, and brick drying with a conveyor system. If you’re interested in small scale production, the former two types of drying lines will be a better choice. On the flip side, the latter two types of drying lines are suitable for large scale production.

Brick Drying Line

Packing system

Packer, counter, and hot press are the main components of the packing system. The packing system is the final step in egg carton making. To make the cartons better in quality and appearance, a good-quality packing system from Beston Machinery employs a hot press.

Benefits of Paper Egg Carton Machine

After understanding the process of egg carton making, you may want to know the viability of this business opportunity. Essentially, you might be interested in figuring out the perks of installing this waste recycling plant. Here are popular advantages presented by this innovative equipment.


It means that the plant uses cheap but rich materials in the production line. Also, the cost of operating the machine is low. Additionally, the yield that you get from this sophisticated machine is pretty high. If you sum up all these things, you’ll figure out that investing in the egg carton machine is a cost-effective choice.


Not to mention, the complete production process is pollution-free. Plus, the plant lets you nix undesirable waste and protects the environment.

Big market

Since plastic packing items have been totally banned in many countries, paper egg cartons have a very wide market. Whether you wish to operate on a small scale or large scale, there is a huge demand for pulp molded items, including paper egg cartons.

Bottom Line

The egg carton machine for sale is an amazing plant to recycle waste. In return for a reasonable investment, you could get started in a highly profitable production line. So why not install this egg tray equipment and book big profits?

If you have looked into purchasing a pulp moulding machine for your farm, you have probably seen a multitude of different models. These are used by farms that produce a substantial number of chicken eggs. These need to be stored in egg trays or cartons. These machines are able to make different sized egg cartons. The size is dependent upon the mold that you use. Once you understand the process, it will be very easy to produce thousands of these trays on a daily basis. However, you need to get the right size when purchasing a pulp molding machine.

Different Pulp Molding Machines

Different Pulp Molding Machines

How Big Is Your Business?

The size of your business is going to play a large role in which type of product you decide to purchase. For example, if it is a very small farm that is only producing a few hundred eggs a day, the cheaper manual molding machine might be your best option. If you have a business that produces a thousand eggs a day, then a semiautomatic one might be the right decision. If you are a very large company, and you are producing more eggs every year, an automated egg tray molding machine will be the best choice for your company.

Auto-Pulp Molding Machines

Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Different Sizes Of Pulp Molding Machines

These machines come in many different sizes. The size of the machine is not just in regard to its physical capacity. It also decides the scale of the pulp molding section, even the scale of a factory. For example, larger machines are able to handle more molds at a time because the oven that they are placed in is going to be much larger. In addition to this, the drying mechanism will be extremely large, accommodating all of the individual egg trays that are made. Finally, there is the length of the apparatus that you must consider. Some of them are going to be extremely long because you will have the pulp machine, the sizable oven, the conveyor belt, and the drying mechanism at the far end.

How To Know You Have Chosen The Right One

If you look at your facility, and you have a large building that could accommodate a larger pulp molding machine, you should consider getting that for your large business. It will also be available at a very reasonable price. This is another indication that you are making the right choice. In addition to this, you need to think about the specs on each of the machines. You must look at the amount of paper that is consumed per hour. The total power of the machine can help you understand how much you will be paying and electricity. Additionally, you need to look at the output per hour which can be several thousand pieces. For the first investors, small egg tray making machine will be a good choice.

If you simply match up the number of eggs that you are producing daily with how much a pulp molding machine can do, you will have no problem making the right choice. It will be that easy for you to choose the right one, and also get this for an affordable price if you purchase this from a company in China, for example, Beston (Henan) Machinery.

Are you in the business of paper manufacturing? If so, you may want to pay particular attention to the A4 paper. As you may very well know, A4 paper is among the most widely used in daily life. In particular, this paper size is the most in demand in corporate settings. For this reason, you may find it a lucrative opportunity to focus on the production of A4 paper. It is wise to start your search for the best A4 paper making machine and dive straight into this exciting venture.

Over the years, plenty of problems has emerged in the papermaking industry. Extensive deforestation has made it increasingly difficult to find high-quality wood. However, the demand for paper hasn’t slowed down even the slightest bit. The good news is that most paper machine for sale can recycle waste paper. This can prove to be the perfect solution you are looking for to produce A4 paper in the most efficient manner possible.

There are different kinds of raw materials available for the production of A4 paper. The most common examples include wood pulp, cotton ball, and virgin pulp. You can even choose a waste paper recycling machine, which works by turning waste paper into new sheets of A4 in just a few seconds. But if what you need is a machine that can produce A4 paper in bulk, then narrow down your search to machines that specialize for this particular application.

A4-paper-making-machine for sale

It is easy to find an A4 paper making machine on the market. There are multiple brands to choose from, but not all of their products are created equal. Some may have features which you may find a use for. Others offer more flexibility, allowing you to produce paper of different sizes. In order to make the right choice, you must determine the unique requirements of your business. This enables you to figure out what specifications you must look for in the papermaking machine. 

When it comes to technical specifications, it is vital that you consider the output per hour of the machine. This tells you how many papers the machine can produce per hour. There are machines capable of manufacturing thousands upon thousands of new sheets of A4 paper each day. But if you are operating on a smaller scale, you may want to go for a machine that doesn’t produce as high a volume. These are smaller machines are much more affordable, which can prove helpful if you have limited capital. 

You may also discover that more popular brands usually cost more than less popular ones. However, this doesn’t mean you should choose a machine based solely on its brand name. You must look at its specifications and features to ensure that it fits your particular application. This requires research, as there’s a good chance you will have no clue about the technical terms that come with these machines. But the time you spend learning will prove worth it once you get your hands on the right machine. Find more details here:

It’s also helpful if you could find a professional who can offer assistance when you’re doing your shopping. You can ask pertinent questions to the expert so he can help you choose the best A4 paper making machine for your company. Do not feel tempted to buy the machine with the lowest price. As the adage goes, you get what you pay for. You’ll be better off investing in a higher-quality machine even if it costs more money upfront. Remember that if you use a great machine, then you can expect your end-product to be of great quality as well.

Everybody is familiar with egg trays. Do you understand egg tray producing machine that is utilized to make them clearly? Whether you understand or not, it is good to have a look at the egg tray machines. About automatic degree, this machine contains manual egg tray machine, automatic egg tray machine and semi automatic egg producing machine. The manual equipment can make thousand to thousand five hundred pieces of egg trays. The semi automatic can do two thousand to five thousand pieces of egg trays. The automatic egg tray equipment can make five thousands to seven thousand five hundred pcs egg tray. Regarding function, these machines can be said apple tray producing machine, pulp molding machine, egg carton producing machine.

manual paper egg tray making machine

Eco friendly:

These equipment do not contain major difference. If you alter the mould, the equipment can make egg trays, apple trays, bottle trays, egg cartons, shoe trays and more. Therefore what a multi performance egg tray producing machine it is. This machine contains lot of benefits. Primarily it is Eco friendly. The waste people can also be recycled in to egg tray by the machine. Hence you do not want to cut large number of trees. Next it changes waste paper in to treasure. It creates the waste paper contain a new value and life. How amazing the egg tray equipment is. The machine can combine the raw materials and water to make a some concentration of semi liquid mixture. The mould can do the slurry form few shapes of wet paper items. The wet made paper items must be dry to lessen the water.

Recycling :

The raw materials of the trays are waste paper that is cheap and can gather from other areas. In the manufacturing process of egg tray producing machine, the water is recycling. Hence there is no waste gas and water. The trays can be recycled such as normal waste paper. If you do not reuse the trays, you throw the trays to natural atmosphere. You do not want to annoy about polluting. The trays are easy for turning putrid. They are surely eco friendly items. The fuel of drying can be coal, diesel and natural gas. You can select the right fuel based on the price of coal, diesel and gas. These trays have been utilized for over sixty years. The egg tray production line price of our factory is reasonable.


If you alter the mould, the machine can do apple trays. They have a major part in packing of apples and eggs due to the reason of affordable rate and best protective function. During the production process, the job of the machine does not require the human help. It can complete the work automatically. The machine adopts the waste paper such as newspaper, paper cartons, old books like the raw materials that are easy to get. The fuel of the egg tray making line can be the diesel, coal and gas. There are two types of drying line. They are brick drying and multilayer metal dryer. The drying line of automatic egg tray making machine is multilayer metal dryer. It contains a good quality and normal price, long service life, wide application, easy operation and high efficiency.

Just like every egg tray drying line, our product is designed with unique properties and components. It is primarily designed with three operation systems namely the drying, forming, and pulping. Since there are so many other products in the marketplace, it is wise to select the best option. This is where our unique egg tray drying line comes into play. With the help of the packing system, drying unit, mold forming and pulping raw material, the production process of our egg tray remains unique and different.

It is designed from the raw material of waste paper and water. This simply proves that our egg tray will not make you go wrong in a time of need. You will have to leave a lot of water after the molding process is completed. The result is a semi-completed egg tray that needs to pass through others procedures. Total dryness is experienced after the product is passed through the egg tray drying unit. Once this process is completed, then the device is packaged and distributed.

Egg Tray Drying Line
The Comprehensive Description Of The Egg Tray Drying Line:

At this juncture, it is important to know that the egg tray drying line can be found in three main categories. It can be found in the likes of the metal dryer, automatic dryer, and the semi-automatic. In the case of the semi-automatic egg tray drying system, the user will have to insert unfinished trays for proper functioning. Once the first step is completed, you will also need to carry the unfinished trays to the drying compartment by using the cart. The semi-automatic dryer option is beneficial for small manufacturing.

The automatic egg tray dryer is one of the most effective options to purchase in the market. It case dry unfinished egg trays easily without any manual effort or application. One unique feature of the automatic dryer is the availability of a 40m drying line, designed from a brick material. For fuel, the automatic dryer will always operate effectively by using diesel and coal. It is important to know that the brick drying line comes with several advantages such as easy maintenance and durability. It also means that you will save money on purchasing the brick drying line.  Our company also provides automatic egg tray making machine with good  quality.

The metal egg tray drying line sounds great like its name denotes. It is designed from metal and remains durable and sturdy. It is intended to unleash small floor space. Another form of this device is the multi-layer drying line. The multi-layer option can use natural gas and diesel for operation.

The Benefits Of The Egg Tray Drying Line:

The product is designed in a gamut of models helping to handle your immediate needs and requirements.

The egg tray drying line is easy to use and its operation does not pose any threat.

It glows with longevity and can be used for a long time. It means that you save money while using the egg tray line.

If you are looking to save labor cost, simply give the automatic dryer a try now.

With the metal dryer option, you can easily discover the working efficiency of the drying line.

egg trays

Our egg tray drying line has no rival and equal in the entire industry. We have several models that you can select from. Click here: You can contact our company for your own copy today.