Working Process and Advantageous Features of Egg Carton Machine

The usage of waste recycling plants is increasing day by day, thanks to awareness programs out there. The egg carton machine for sale from Beston Machinery is one such plant that is gaining popularity among businesses of all levels. Even people who’re not interested in this machine love this innovative recycling plant due to its Eco-friendly theme. In the past few decades, plastic egg boxes have been widely used for storing as well as transporting eggs.

However, plastic harms the environment. In order to do away with the problems originating from plastic cartons, paper cartons were used. This is where the paper egg carton machine comes into play. The machine uses waste as raw materials and produces Eco-friendly cartons for storing and transporting eggs.

Small Egg Tray Machine

Introduction to Egg Carton Machine

Beston Machinery provides three types of egg tray making machine to suit the budget of different types of investors. You can order manual, automatic, and semi-automatic machines. Obviously, the production capacity of fully automatic machine is much higher than the small egg tray machines.

However, cost is a factor that can keep most of the small businesses from investing heavily in fully automatic egg tray making machine. Such small businesses can opt for manual or semi-automatic machines. On the flip side, businesses that can invest a big sum can go for fully automatic machine and reap the benefits of large scale production.

Egg Carton Making Process

The processes involved in making egg cartons are pulping, molding, drying, and packing. Let’s discuss each of these processes minutely.

Pulping system

The first step in producing paper cartons is making pulp from agricultural waste or paper waste. In this step, an operator puts the raw materials in a hydraulic pulper. After stirring, smashing, and filtering, a refiner makes the pulp smoother and well-proportioned. Aside from this, you’ll find three pools for storing pulp as well as waste water.

Molding system

Molding of pulp is a key part of the egg tray production line. It employs air compressor, vacuum pump, pulp molding machine as well as cleaning devices. Of these tools, the vacuum pump facilitates forming, whereas the compressor transfers wet products from molds. On the other hand, the cleaning device flushes the molds quickly to remove any residues. By changing the mold, you can make egg cartons of varying shapes and sizes as per your needs and requirements.

Drying system

There are basically four different kinds of drying lines. The drying lines decide the level of automation in the production process. These are brick drying with carts, natural drying, metal drying, and brick drying with a conveyor system. If you’re interested in small scale production, the former two types of drying lines will be a better choice. On the flip side, the latter two types of drying lines are suitable for large scale production.

Brick Drying Line

Packing system

Packer, counter, and hot press are the main components of the packing system. The packing system is the final step in egg carton making. To make the cartons better in quality and appearance, a good-quality packing system from Beston Machinery employs a hot press.

Benefits of Paper Egg Carton Machine

After understanding the process of egg carton making, you may want to know the viability of this business opportunity. Essentially, you might be interested in figuring out the perks of installing this waste recycling plant. Here are popular advantages presented by this innovative equipment.


It means that the plant uses cheap but rich materials in the production line. Also, the cost of operating the machine is low. Additionally, the yield that you get from this sophisticated machine is pretty high. If you sum up all these things, you’ll figure out that investing in the egg carton machine is a cost-effective choice.


Not to mention, the complete production process is pollution-free. Plus, the plant lets you nix undesirable waste and protects the environment.

Big market

Since plastic packing items have been totally banned in many countries, paper egg cartons have a very wide market. Whether you wish to operate on a small scale or large scale, there is a huge demand for pulp molded items, including paper egg cartons.

Bottom Line

The egg carton machine for sale is an amazing plant to recycle waste. In return for a reasonable investment, you could get started in a highly profitable production line. So why not install this egg tray equipment and book big profits?